Cat Acting Weird? 7 Signs for a Sick Cat!

7 signs for a sick cat that might explain the question "Is my cat acting weird?"
Cat acting weird?

Cats are wonderfully strange creatures. They are incredible companions and can be downright funny to watch them and perform all their weird little circus tricks. But, when do we know our cat is acting strange? Have you ever asked your partner (or yourself!) “Is the cat acting weird?”. I have! If your cat is acting abnormal, it could indicate something more serious underneath the covers but it can be difficult to tell. We’re here to help you understand those behaviours and what they mean for your cat. Are they ill, or are they just crazy? Here are some facts about cat behaviour to help you out!

7 Simple Symptoms!

Eating Habits

A very common sign for an ill cat is a change in their eating habits and their appetite. If you find they aren’t interested in food at all any more, it could be a serious sign. Likewise, the opposite with an overly demanding cat could be a sign too and this is usually linked to diabetes and hyperthyroidism.

If your cat is in pain or feeling anxious, they may skip out on a meal. They may not like having their owners or another presence around whilst eating, so try feeding them and giving them some room to eat and see how they fare. Your cat’s appetite is a serious matter, so if you notice any immediate changes, do contact your vet as soon as possible so you can help stop your cat acting weird.

A Thirsty Cat!

facts about cat behaviour

Cats do need to stay hydrated, so ensure they have access to plenty of water anyway and make sure it’s fresh! Sometimes it can be as simple as an overly hot day or your cat’s getting plenty of exercise in, so its water intake has skyrocketed. However, if you can’t think of a reason as to why it’s increased, there could be an underlying issue. Diabetes is a common one here, but it could also be something as dangerous as kidney disease. You may well see other symptoms alongside this like weight-loss or a change in urination, so contact your vet if you do.


Vomiting is a strenuous exercise for a cat and an incredibly uncomfortable one at that. This normally comes from less severe problems, such as hairballs or undigested food. Food allergies can also come into play here if your cat isn’t able to actually stomach the food they’re eating. If your cat is regularly vomiting, keep a close eye out for any other symptoms and inform your vet when possible. If it is just hairballs that are causing the vomiting, take a look at our list of hairball remedies for cats so you can help curb the vomiting!

Kitty to the toilet!

This is a common issue that has owners asking is their cat acting weird. If your cat suddenly begins to avoid using the litter tray, there could be a few reasons for this. If you cat is young, it may well be just a small accident and hopefully they’ll learn again, but if it’s consistent, you’ll need to investigate the cause of the issue. Quite commonly, cats can be quite fussy about their toilet. If it’s not clean, they won’t want to go, so make sure you clean it regularly so they have space to go.

If they’re trying to use the toilet but don’t look comfortable, try to spot if they’re in pain. They may have constipation issues that can be rectified with probiotics. Hairball lubrication will also work here to help them pass through their digestive system. if the symptoms persist, contact your vet and ask for additional advice.

Consistent grooming

Cats absolutely love to groom. They have a meticulous routine for cleaning every day and a healthy cat will often be able to keep themselves clean with minimal help from yourselves. A cat that begins to clean too much could be a sign of boredom or stress, sometimes anxiety, so you’ll want to keep a close eye on their routine changes and make notes to tell your vet. If your cat stops grooming, it could indicate other issues such as a pain in their neck or back that makes it difficult for them to groom comfortable, or perhaps they’re just anxious. There are a variety of reasons as to why this happens, so make sure you note down everything you can.

Noisy Cat!

Cat Behaviour Explained

Is your cat usually quite vocal or is it a quiet wanderer? All breeds vary in terms of vocalisation, so don’t be alarmed if you own differing breeds of cats and one is the opposite of the other. However, if you find you have a quiet cat that suddenly starts to consistently meow at you or vice-versa, there could be issues. Take a step back and monitor your cat and see if there are any environmental reasons that have caused the change. As we’ve said above, take notes and speak to your vet.


Aggression can become very problematic quickly if the source of the issue isn’t identified. Cat’s who are naturally aggressive by nature (rescues are a key example of this) will require behavioural training from a professional in order to ease their aggression and to teach their cat to love again. If the aggression is a new symptom, then this could be caused by fear or anxiety for something that has happened recently, or there may be an underlying pain in their body. Cats can naturally become defensive when there is physical pain or they are emotionally hurt, so speak to a vet as soon as you notice the change in behaviour

Cat Acting Strange? He’s just weird!

The crazy thing about cats is that they sometimes just like to play up! Their personalities are continuously evolving over time just as a human does and this is what makes them so interesting! The ageing process could cause your cat to stop playing as much as it used to as a kitten, which in turn leads to weight gain and a more lethargic cat. Sometimes, it’s the simple things we need to look out for. Only you know your cat’s routines inside and out, so you can make the call when something seems severely odd. Write down their symptoms, their habits, their activities and when it happens, then speak to your vet. They’re just like doctors, so you need to tell them as much as you can so they can make a correct diagnosis. Hopefully, it’s nothing to worry about and you’ll be able to get back to playing with your strange little kitty!